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Snapchat CEO’s “Poor India” comment leads to Mass Uninstalls from India

I woke up to this #boycottsnapchat #uninstallsnapchat hashtags trending all over social media. What’s really happened? According to a report by Variety, ex-employee Anthony Pompliano was expressed his concern that the app was not taking off overseas. But, he was allegedly cut mid-sentence by Spiegel that “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want 

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How to create an effective App Marketing strategy

The very first thumb rule for successful User relationship and engagement requires a complete understanding of the marketplace by researching consumer needs and managing marketing information. Successful campaign requires a User-driven marketing strategy based on the answers to two simple questions. The first question is “What consumers will you serve?” (market segmentation and targeting). Because, 

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A full pop song composed by artificial intelligence. What??

AI makes pop music in the style of The Beatles! Sony CSL Research lab has programmed an AI System called “Flow Machines”. A software that can analyse a database with thousands of lead sheets (basic scores that record the melody and harmony of tracks) from different genres around the world. Then, exploiting the unique combinations of style transfer, optimisation 

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