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Snapchat CEO’s “Poor India” comment leads to Mass Uninstalls from India

I woke up to this #boycottsnapchat #uninstallsnapchat hashtags trending all over social media.

What’s really happened?

According to a report by Variety, ex-employee Anthony Pompliano was expressed his concern that the app was not taking off overseas. But, he was allegedly cut mid-sentence by Spiegel that

“This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

#boycottsnapchat #uninstallsnapchat

The statement came to light, when Anthony Pompliano’s lawsuit against Snapchat was made public last week.

The lawsuit also briefs about how Snapchat is falsifying and inflating its registration completion rate and DAU’s (Daily Active Users) and How Senior executives were “Completely misinformed” about key metrics.

Snapchat went public with its IPO recently and raised over $3.4 billion.

For Snapchat, the lawsuit doesn’t come at a good time. There are 4 million users (Approx) from India are using snapchat on a daily basis.

The statement from Snapchat CEO triggered an outrage among users from India and they are uninstalling the app and posting it on twitter with the hashtags #uninstallsnapchat #boycottsnapchat.

As of now, it is hard to confirm whether Spain is triggered too, about being clubbed as a ‘poor country.’

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