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What is your Business definition for App Marketing?

It all starts with how much value is being perceived by your target users determines the download success rate.

Lets face it! As a product owner we explain our idea, values, potential growth, monetisation, everything to our friends and family with utmost sincerity and complete enthusiasm in ways we think is best. But, they won’t reciprocate the same enthusiasm as we do.

So what do we do?

Here comes the legendary magic reply “May be I didn’t explain to you properly, but believe me this Idea is definitely great and solves a huge problem and you are going to love it! Didn’t we?

Have you ever felt this or at least thinking back saying “Man! why didn’t he/she react to my idea?”

Truth is, If we dig deep to identify What’d I miss? We will get the answer which is “Enthusiasm”

We fail to communicate the actual enthusiasm in ways they want to feel the “Wow – factor”. You know, I am not talking about the notion or expression while explaining the idea.

The idea is, how are we communicating our business to our target users.

We do the exact same mistake while marketing our Apps available on Play store or App Store. We miss to express the “Enthusiasm” and “Values” one can get out of the App.

To keep it simple, I have curated “Market Oriented Business definition” from some of the popular brands we know.

Lets go!

Brands Product-Oriented Definition Market – Oriented – Definition
Amazon We sell books, videos, gadgets, toys, consumer electronics, hardware, houseware, and other products We make the internet buying experience fast, easy and enjoyable – we’re the place where you can find and discover anything you want to buy online.
Disney We run theme parks. We create fantasies – a place where America still works the way it’s supposed to.
Nike We sell Shoes. We help people experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors.
Revlon We make Cosmetics. We sell lifestyle and selft-expression; success and status; memories, hopes and dreams.
Wal-Mart We run discount stores. We deliver low prices every day and give ordinary folks the chance to buy the same things as rich people.

Now you know, what I am referring to do you? We are fizcity – A Brand that Mobilepreneurs can trust. We sell App marketing and App experience; Success and Status; hopes and dreams. Submit your App to rest assured. We will take care of your product success.

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