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You will rethink “App Marketing” after reading these…

Sound Marketing is critical to the success of every App. Agreed?

What if I tell you that you are Wrong!

Yes! you heard it right.

Marketing helps you elevate your product experience and visibility by reaching your right targeted audience. Not many of the App marketing agency might tell you this! But we “fizcity – The App Success Studio” want to help every Appreneurs to achieve success through their product. That is why we call ourselves “The App Success Studio”.

The most important question here is, does your App really solves the inefficiency in its segment?

Because, there is much more to developing an App than meets the consumer’s casual eye. Behind it all is a massive understanding of needs, wants and demands; marketing offers (Products, services and experiences); value and satisfaction; and activities to reach for your targeted audience and downloads.

User demand App products with benefits that add up to the most value and satisfaction.

However, Many Entrepreneurs makes the mistake of paying more attention to their idea than to the benefits and experiences produced by their Mobile App. These Entrepreneurs suffer from “Entrepreneurial Myopia.” They are so taken with their Idea that they focus only on the user downloads and lose sight of underlying user needs.

But what happens if you still want to spend money on marketing and continue without pivoting your App?

Let me tell you this! Customers form expectations about the value and satisfaction that your various marketing campaign offers about your product. If they don’t experience it in your App, they are gone.

Then it will become very hard to make them download and use your App ever again. More importantly, dissatisfied users often switch to your competitors app and disparage your app to others.

Hence building a Successful App that delivers both user value and user satisfaction is important.

What do you think?

fizcity – The App Success Studio. We build Apps and Market it the way your users want it.

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