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15 Questions for building a Successful App

15 Questions for building a Successful App

I choose this topic today, because I really feel it is important and every Startup entrepreneurs that I know is on their heels excited and working very hard to build their App.

Agree or Deny! The results are not favourable to almost 90% of the startups! and they end up winding  their businesses, money, time and resources for almost “Zero Results”

Successful App Idea

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How do I build a Successful App?

While reading this blog, you may find it similar because you have ready 100’s of blog like this. But I dare you! its not. (Just Kidding :D)

I do not prefer giving it in a tips format, rather I am going to leave the questions for your self realisation.

Ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly If you are a Startup, A startup building an App, Planning to kickstart my new Startup, I already launched my App in the market and but downloads are not that great.

There you go!

  1. Is it an Idea or an exciting feature to an existing product that is already available in the market?
  2. Am I building this idea by keeping Businesses in mind or Consumers in mind?
  3. Am I building / copying this idea from people in the west or a some community?
  4. Does it add value to consumers in my country? Can they Adapt?
  5. In what ways it solves the inefficiency and elevate experiences of my consumers?
  6. Is my idea requires a lot of explanations to understand the app concept to my consumers?
  7. Is my idea about things people don’t care much about it?
  8. Does it have network / viral effect in nature or it requires funding to gain market share?
  9. Is my App experience reversible? that consumer won’t hesitate going back to their past experiences?
  10. Is my idea require a lot of Learning effort for users to adapt?
  11. Is my idea for solving one off instances, that people rarely worry about?
  12. Will consumers use my App, even after I stopped giving discounts?
  13. Are there any best way of doing it better than what my app can do?
  14. Will my consumers take it as a habit or a task for using my App?
  15. How many founders have validated my App idea?

I did not write these questions in order, I just wrote it in a flow it came to me. But In the end, I hope you are able to get some value out of this blog, So it is your day today to take that big decision in building your own successful App startup.

It is also easy to fake your App experiences through creative marketing! Sadly that comes at a high price and results wont last long.


Marketing works better, when people likes your app and recommends every one to uses it daily!

I wish you good luck in building your successful App! Please add additional questions that you think it is very important in the comment section below to let me know.

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