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Important update from Facebook including Trending, Anti-click bait

Facebook has announced a lot of updates in the past two months, that brings many exciting news for all the facebook users and brands who uses facebook for their social marketing.

If you haven’t updated your facebook App. May be its time to update them now.

For Users

Facebook Check-In


Facebook is now feeding you with a new notification asking you to review and share your experience about the place you visited 24 hours after checkin.

Facebook Anti-Click Bait


Facebook announced an update to their ranking algorithm that will reduce the number of clickbait stories people see in their news feeds. This will put an end to content with misleading headlines that goes on crappy content.

Facebook Live


Facebook Live broadcasting has been limited to smartphones since it rolled out in February to U.S. users. But that could be changing soon.

Facebook Trending


Descriptions have been removed from Trending topics. The announcement comes months after being criticised for having an anti-conservative bias.

For Advertisers and Brands

Facebook announced a couple new ways for brands and businesses to send customers to, and complete purchases within, its Messenger app. Users can now complete their purchase a product within the Messenger App and They will never have visit an external website.

Facebook has announced an update that Advertisers can now target users who are Lookalike Audiences to reach consumers around the globe. (e.g., Users who have liked your Facebook page or visited your website, etc).

Facebook wants to help you understand how those videos are performing and help you continue to grow your audience. Three new metrics – audience demographics, live video engagement, and views from shares and cross-posting – are coming in Page Insights and Video Library.

Facebook rolled out a pair of new tools to help publishers who are using 360 videos: guided tours and heatmap insights.

Facebook live is currently testing mid-roll ads in live news feeds. These ads mark the first time Facebook has attempted to monetize their Live feature.

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